Roundup Extended control by mistake

reyetwingerJune 13, 2014

Hi all. I am new to gardening and accidentally used Roundup Extended Control to spray the weeds around my shrubs. The beds are covered with pine straw so most of it settled on that. The house is new, and so are the shrubs...about 3 months old. Should I expect this to wash down into the soil and kill everything? I'm really upset about making this mistake. I spot sprayed the weeds. Also if a little got on a leaf or two of the shrub will the whole shrub die? I was also thinking of sodding over an area that I spot sprayed, is this not possible for 4 months? I guess I'm just wondering if the ground is contaminated even though it's covered in pine straw. Thanks.

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I haven't used the extended control, but my understanding of Roundup is that you have to spray it on the foliage of the plants you want killed. The plants need to be actively growing for it to be it's most effective. There is a pre-emergent added to the extended control, and it should only stop seeds from sprouting. I'd think as long as you weren't trying to grow seeds, you'd be fine. The labeling should tell you..

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Thanks, I have my fingers crossed.....

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

They have a live chat person at Products Roundupî 101 Help Center

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