Garden hose questions

violetwestJune 7, 2013

so, I bought a hose . . . my first! I had to look on YouTube to figure out how to coil it, I'm such a newbie! My questions:

First, my hose leaks from the connection to the faucet when it's on. It leaks a lot, and we're in a desert, so I am wasting water. Am I doing something wrong? I'm sure it's screwed on pretty well, but I kind of don't want to screw it on as tight as I possibly could, because I'm afraid I won't be able to unscrew it.

Also, when turning it off, it briefly sprays a lot of water from the connection, but a friend of mine told me, "it's supposed to do that." Is that correct?

I'm also worried about water from the hose damaging my stucco exterior (from the leaking/shutting off). Is there anything I can do to protect the exterior wall?

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There should be a rubber/plastic/silicone washer in the female end of the hose. If there isn't one, or if it's not too good, which seems like the case, go to a hardware store and get a couple rubber washers. They usually come several to a package and cost a couple of bucks. It sounds like you've got pretty strong water pressure, so try not turning the spigot on full blast.

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Hmm -- I'll have to look at it for the washer. It's a brand new hose, good quality so not sure why that would be an issue. And it does leak when turned on as a "trickle" too.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The washer is supposed to come with the hose but sometimes comes loose and is lost.

Other times, the washer is somewhat stiff so doesn't do the job it should.

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