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njtea(NJ Z6)March 30, 2005

If you were to ask me, as someone who has gardened for well over 40 years, if it's too early to start cleaning up the flowers beds, I'd say, oh, my stars, yes - you need to wait for a while in case we get another cold snap.

And what did I do today - I raked many of my flower beds. There's so much growing out there - I saw tiny columbine seedlings, the salvias have new growth on them as does the phlox and the goldenrod. And that's just the stuff I looked for.

The witchhazel, which started to bloom well over a month ago, is now so very fragrant! I'm just amazed that the blossoms made it through 8 degree temps of earlier this month.

I also found a bazillion baby hellebores - it breaks my heart to pull them up, but I have only so much room and it can't all go to hellebore.


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Wanna trade? I've been trying to start hellebores from seed with no luck.


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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I usually string trim all the dead tops of the perennials in early February and rake it all out, with leaves and pine needles, because the hundreds of little crocus that start up everywhere could not tolerate raking done at a more sensible time. I don't think any of my perennials suffer from this treatment. Maybe I am not even trying types that would be harmed by being uncovered so early.

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wardw(z6 NJ)

I've always thought that March was a good month to clean up the beds, even earlier where the crocus roam, just like bogturtle. Truth be told I have a running battle within the family over winter-spring clean-up; others would prefer autumn-winter clean-up. By this time of year, what damage can be done, is done: the apparently dead from damp salvia greggii come to mind, and a formerly beautiful patch of black & blue salvia. The real reason though, is my strong streak of hedonism. All that strolling around before and after work to see the new shoots; the getting caught by my German neighbor just sitting there in a lawn chair when there's work to be done. Why is watching TV behind closed doors more exceptable than relaxing by the siberian squill for all the world to see? Do we grow our gardens because without them we wouldn't have enough work to do? Sorry, I seem to have drifted off the subject.

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Well, I couldn't wait until we started to clean up this large yard as our oak trees are always and I reiterate always have LEAVES, so we clean up, not daily, but close to it now and year-round except when the ground is saturated.

Love to catch a glimpse of the daylilies, salvias, violas in bloom in the potager and stone garden; and isn't that part of the reason to clean up, "what's old is new again" it is a restoration process!

But would you consider a trade for a couple of the helleborus mentioned in the first thread -- I was just going to order one from Fairweather Gardens and can't make up my mind as to which one, as I have never grown them before and have a perfect spot for some. Take a look at my trade list.

The only problem in the spring is having enough time to do everything which is of a priority nature, right now, it is starting seeds, clean up of the yard, convincing my husband who has had recent back surgery to continue with the lawnman. He now thinks he can buy a new lawnmower and mow like SUPERMAN; it is highly unlikely but how does one do this without sounding so darn critical? Getting off the track here, but this is Spring, so let's enjoy it even if you have to take a little time to check out the roses.


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