Right way to compost?

Dani0025(4)June 6, 2013

I've been thinking fir some time now that I would like to start a compost bin. It just seems so intimidating! I have very dry/sandy soil in my back yard that refuses to grow anything including weeds! So I would like to start composting to try and amend this soil. Any help in getting started would be appreciated!

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Go over to the Soil, Compost, & Mulch forum here on GW and start reading, then start posting. The people there are great.

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It has a very unfortunate name but you should get your hands on a copy of Composting for Dummies :-)) LIke other texts in the Dummies series, it provides a very complete overview of the subject in laymen's terms. So all the basic stuff will be outlined and explained and available as a resource.......then whatever questions you have AFTER that come visit the Compost and Soil forum :-))

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I didnt notice that forum section before, after the suggestion of checking there I did and found pretty much what I was looking for.
Thank you =)

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