juj207(5, Standish, Mi)June 19, 2005

Hi I have the big double orange poppies, they are all done blooming and I would like to save some of the seeds. Do I have to wait until the pods turn brown and dry up or can I cut them now and let then dry hanging upside down or in a brown bag. My family would like some. I tried digging some plants up but the roots go way down and the ones I dug up and planted died.

Any help will be appricated.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Hi Julie...The perennial oriental poppies then?

Let the seeds ripen in the pod on the plant, then collect them.

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From what little I know of poppies they don't like being disturbed. I think more mature plants handle it better though.

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my mom used to tie a paper bag over the seedheads, and she'd shake it every day or so until she heard the seeds rattling around in there.

:) hmm...hamentaschen (a cookie with a poppyseed filling)

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juj207(5, Standish, Mi)

I want to thank all for the info about poppies, it helped a lot.
So thanks again all you beautiful people.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Poppies have a long - very long - taproot, and most won't live if you cut it off when transplanting. That taproot is also why, if you start them from seed, you should use a very deep pot. I've measured baby poppy plants that were less than an inch tall, and they had 4" of taproot. However, in the garden, I have had success in transplanting small orientals (less than 5" across) in late fall by using a long shovel and lifting the whole mass of soil & root as a unit. I don't know whether the success rate is because the taproot isn't much more than 12" long or whether it gives the plants the winter to recover (but keep in mind that my z6b winter is probably lots milder and shorter than yours).

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