Help leveling and squaring concrete bed garden

MadMax7June 20, 2014

Hello everyone, I'm new to building a raised concrete bed garden so bare with me. I'm having the hardest time squaring up the first level of concrete blocks so they actually all connect. I'm building the garden on the lawn in the backyard which is slightly sloped downhill. My first level will be solid 4x8x16 blocks and the next two levels I will use 8x8x16 concrete building blocks with the holes in them. I know the hardest part in the first level, once that is done it's basically just stacking blocks but that's where I'm having a hard time. I'm trying my best to make sure all the blocks are leveled and lined up straight with having to dig into the lawn but I can't seem to get the last block to line up. Is there any trick or tips out there? Any help would be appreciated. I started the first block at the lowest point of the garden as suggested from readings I've done but am still having issues. Thanks.

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I figured it out, 3rd times the charm. Boy was that painful!

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