Dying rose plant....HELP

Jessica_123June 14, 2013

I have a beautiful iceberg rose full of dark pink flowers. I felt like Its not getting enough space so I moved it day before Yesterday. During move It didn't come out with soil. It came like bare root. I planted again. Within few hours all flowers died. Next day morning leafs were wilted. I put lots of water. But it seems like its not going to recover. I did same thing with one small hibiscous cutting. That was growing verygood. When I tried to raplace it it came out just with small root. Its been one month..alll leafs looks wilted & down. Neither dying nor showing any sign of recovery. This rose was very big & full of beautiful flower.please help me. I will post picture today evening.

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Wrong time of year to attempt to move a rose.....or pretty much any other well-established plant. This should be done when the plant is dormant, in late winter. And even more particularly distressing if the rootball is greatly disturbed (like in bare rooting). It just puts a severe strain on the plant known as transplant shock. Sometimes the plant will recover but depending on conditions, maybe not. At this point all you can do is water and hope for the best.

Am I missing something about the rose?? 'Iceberg', as you might imagine, has pure white flowers :-)

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This is 2 days ago pics. I am really feeling very bad.

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Current pic.

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Anither close look of the plant

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Your rose is suffering severe transplant shock. While it's too late for this one, it is never a good idea to transplant an actively growing plant, especially one that is blooming - the plant is forced to grow new roots while also trying to keep the flowers blooming and maintaining the rate of growth. It is always better to move a plant while it is dormant, if at all possible.
Your rose could very well recover, as roses are tougher than people think, but you are going to have to keep an eye on it for a while and DON'T FERTILIIZE IT. Or overwater. Good luck.

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I trimmed my roses & at least after one month all the stems are green. Still there is no sign of new leaf. Does anyone will let me know that how many days it will take to get new roots?

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