Wildflower easement seeding

new2zone9aJune 23, 2010

Hi. I"m new to zone 9a Tampa bay area of Florida.

The front of my new place is boring. I want to plant the full sun easement along the street which is about 100 plus ft by 10 ft with wildflowers or something. I'd comsider going either with one species or a mixed variety. I'd like to plant something by seed that blooms a lot yet looks at least interesting when not in bloom. Grows to about a foot max or mowable. Preferably drought resistant or can handle just a once a week watering when under restriction. And easy to care for, of course.

Any suggestions?

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I'm not familiar enough with what is good for your zone. A good native plant/seed company that serves your zone should have something. A local native plant society might also be able to help. I would consider a mix so that if one species doesn't have the ability to make it there, hopefully the others do. Another thought is some sort of native ground cover. Best of luck.

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Good luck if you live in some deed-restricted community! Those people will tell you to kill those weeds!

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Hi new2zone9a,

I'm not all that familiar with plants in your Zone, but you might want to try the Florida Native Plant Society (see link below).

On their website, if you go under the menu on the left side and click the "Planting Natives" option and then select "Plants For Your Area" from the fly-out/drop down menu, it will bring up a map where you can click on your county in Florida and see the recommended native plants for that region.

Good luck with your seeding!

Here is a link that might be useful: Florida Native Plant Society

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