Unfriendly Hosta weather...

leafwatcher(zone 5)July 5, 2012

For how long have I told my younger niece, and nephews, this ain't hot, When I was a kid I remember a week of 100 plus weather, and we never even thought of it as unusual.. I recall spending half the summer at my friends house that had a working Mom, (so nobody was home) we hid downstairs and played pool.... and she had the coldest air in town !

I also worked down at the Iowa State Fair for a local dairy,running the fair route.. you want to talk hot ! One year it was over a hundred 6 days in a row or more, people were dropping like flies. The agriculture building was a big greenhouse with no air or ventilation.. it would make an easy 120 degrees in there in places.

I never missed it though.. It was bound to come back, Crazy high temps and brutal lows do averages make... ;)

I look at some of my plants and wonder how they stand it, the field corn likes it if it has any moisture.. the corn went from shin high to 6 feet tall in a week after a small shower passed thru. Now it needs rain to actually put some corn on those miles of stalks.

hopefully we will look back and be glad we dodged the bullet, I would hate to see nothing but burn't up hosta pictures until next year..

Everyone keep you fingers crossed.. I am going to Utah for a week, when I am high in the mountains i will try to persuade some storm front to push over and wash the plains clean of dust and soak the soil good.

I might ask for some cooler weather out there as well..

Talk to everyone later, Don't name any new green ones until I get back !

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Hi Leafwatcher,

I live in Utah and it has been pretty hot here as well. But today we finally got some rain and cooler temps. It was long overdue...its has been 45 days since we had any rain and the temps have been in the upper 90's for weeks.

Where in Utah are you staying?


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Babka NorCal 9b

Good hosta weather here. Mid 70's daytime and mid 50's nights. I'm so sorry the rest of you are literally baking and frying and drowning. It never rains in California in the summertime... But you guys RULE in the Winter...hosta wise.


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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Linda I will be in the Sunset area.. near Ogden I believe?, many relatives in the area...I haven't been out to visit in nearly 20 years..
I am really glad to here it might be cooler there. Possibly it will sneak out across the Midwest while I am gone... :)

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Leafwatcher, Sunset is really close to where I live in Layton. I don't think its gonna be much cooler for you here but at least there isn't much humidity here so it might feel better. But the good news is the mountains are just a short drive away and much cooler than down here in the valley. Have a fun trip!


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Babka, my daughter is in Sonoma right now visiting friends and family. I think she was as excited to get to that NorCal weather as she was about her visit, coming from the 100+ temps here in SW Mo.

My grandaughter lives in Sonoma, couldn't get her to leave Cali and move back here either. Might be time I went out there for a visit, ya think? Haha.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

We,ordinarily have very good hosta weather here,but this year,the heat of several days over 100 have taken a toll on the hostas. Many are looking like it's fall already,with yellowing leaves,and some leaves have died off too. Fortunately,we are still getting afternoon showers to keep the hostas hydrated. Most look pretty good,but people up north don't realize that my hostas come up two months before they even see eyes up there,so they are are in a decline,anyway. Phil

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I want to remind you folks what a bad hosta year we had last year. We had two bad hail storms and then had 50 something days of 100+ temps in a row - some higher than 110. We also had no rain between June 1 and the middle of August. (I can't remember when we actually had the last rain in the spring.)

I watered my hosta regularly. They looked awful. They were beat up, scorched and unhappy. I didn't lose one. They came back larger than before and were beautiful this spring, as usual.

I hope this gives you some encouragement when you look at your unhappy hosta this summer.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Mosswitch- Sonoma gets warmer in summer than we do here..different micro climate, but they still get those cool evenings and low humidity. Nice vineyards too! Tell your granddaughter you are on your way!


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