Question about tomato seedlings

atlantisflygirl(6b)June 18, 2014

Hi all -

I searched the forum and found a lot about tomato seedlings, but nothing that really answered my questions. My mom gave me some tomato seedlings that she sowed right around Mother's Day (which is wildly late, right?). They've sprouted, but they don't seem to be growing! I am a total garden newbie, so I don't know how fast tomato seedlings are supposed to grow.

Additionally, I was afraid they weren't getting enough sun so I put them outside underneath the top of a cake stand propped up on on bricks as shown in the pic. I'd say they get about 7 hrs of sun a day that's sort of broken up by the shadows of the porch railing. Is that okay?

And finally, most of the babies have their first set of true leaves but none of them are looking very green. They're not *yellow* but they're heading that way. (You can sorta see that in the pic, too.) Am I overwatering?

That's for your help!


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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I've some thoughts but you might prefer Gardenweb - Growing Tomatoes

I would say perhaps not to late but get rid of the cake pan and them into their final growing soil soon. Note that I am a risk taker so you may want to be more cautious.

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Thanks Albert for the advice and the link to the tomato forum! I think I'll put the hardiest ones in their permanent home and see how it goes.

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Weicker(6a PA)

I had a bunch of seedlings struggling like this... teeeeeeeeny tiny (under a centimeter) first leaves, but just sort of stalled at that stage. I potted some up, into 4-5" plastic pots, 1 seedling per pot. Within a week, they'd grown a good inch and a half and had at least 2 sets of decenty sized true leaves.

The ones kept in smaller pea pots did better for me once I wrapped the pots in saran wrap. I think inconsistent moisture was an issue.

I'm also in 6b... you defnitely don't need to cover them at this point.

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