Phila Flower Show

steve_nj(7-a)March 4, 2006

The PHS member's preview was very nice; good quantities of flowering bulbs, orchids, and artistically displayed landscapes. There were also many vendors, including one from Quebec who was selling lilacs and 3 sp. of lab-propagated Cypripedium orchids at reasonable prices (yes I splurged). Nearby is the Reading Market where food, prepared or fresh, can be purchased. The show runs through march 12th.

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Loretta NJ Z6

I went yesterday. Is it my imagination or did it seem like there was less space for displays and competition and more vendors? There was the usual amount of orchids but less of everything else except cactus? I didn't see the dahlia specialist that I wanted to get to that was there last year. Did get some new begonias at a favorite stand near the back that I've gone to the last three years.
I also brought home some seed potatoes Purple Majesty at a new stand this year - D. Landreth Seed Company. (where am I going to put these?).
Lot's of beautiful things for the garden that I can't afford, plenty to see. Don't be early, the crowd really thins out later on.

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What you may have been noticing, Loretta, were the results
of the Show's first new overall designer in some fifteen
years. The entire competition area (Hall B, between the
main displays and the Marketplace)was re-designed this year (most effectively, I thought) - like you, I kept
thinking things were "missing", but after looking around
discovered they were just "relocated". The main exhibit
area was dramatically improved by eliminating almost ALL
the higher walls and oversize trees, with the rather stunning result that you could actually look across the
entire floor at once - like looking across a huge meadow
at the woods beyond. . .

It's true: some vendors drop out from year to year, but
many others relocate as spaces open up - it's all based
on seniority (who's been showing up the most years). So
some years when I've gone looking for someone in their
usual spot, I'll discover them later in a NEW spot. Many
vendors believe being closer to the central exhibits is
the most desirable; others find a spot that suits them and
just hang on from year-to-year, assuming that we "regulars" will always make the usual bee-line to their booths !

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miss_rumphius_rules(z6 NJ)

I found the re-design to be both good and not so good. The traffic flow through the smaller exhibits was a bit funky and as usual the huge display gardens were jam packed.

Some other thoughts...

Trends seemed to weave throughout the gardens--hot colors and emphasis on foliage. Interesting small water features. Two gardens, like mine at the NJ show, used recycled glass as a ground cover/mulch. The flowering tree of choice was Cercis canadensis and I was happy to see Corylopsis spicata used in two gardens. Many on of the gardens had a sense of whimsy to them that was unexpected.

The volcano was a bit much, but Styer's landscape with late spring snow was magical.

It was worth the trip, but I missed the rare book vendor--but my pocketbook didn't!

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We went early on Friday minus the kids. After seeing a few children with their parents, we lamented not bringing them, but they tend to get bored after an hour or so. The heady scent of hyacinths wafted downstairs drew us in at ground level. As we ascended to the first floor, I took a deep breath in and felt as if I were infused with a dose of happiness. Spring is here!..Not, but I could pretend.

We visited the right side first, or Hall A. The mere sound of the volcano stirred curiosity. I must agree with miss rumphius-After viewing it, we had to laugh, imagining some neighbor spending a fortune to add it to their backyard. There were an abundance of azaleas,bulbs, native trees, and other more common flowers in the displays, but I got lots of landscaping and color ideas.

In the past, I don't recall the double rows of seating at throughout the exhibit which is great for seniors, and anyone who just needs to take a breather.

On the left side, Hall A, the overall feeling was that there were a whole lot more vendors than last year-almost too many . Because we were short on time, and there was no vendor map, at least not to my knowledge, we didn't find a single seed vendor, but maybe it's because we spent too much time looking to purchase a breathtaking prize-winnner we'd seen, clivia miniata, and we were worn out by then. We found it,but we decided not to splurge(about $35) after learning that it only blooms once a year being very similar to amaryllis. My husband fell in love with a beautiful citris limon ponderosa or sicilian lemon tree. The lemons were as big as grapefuits! Maybe I'll find it on-line because I didn't see it for sale. I did purchase a silver burros tail. Hope I don't kill it. Yes, one measly plant, but hey, my husband was with me...Oh, and I got a pair Fiskars pruners.

Despite the heavy slow moving crowds, being a native Philadelphian, I'm still a big fan of this show, and nothing beats heading over to the Reading Terminal for lunch. The experience was a true smorgasbord of sights and smells!


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We went Thurs. afternoon, and it was possible to avoid the crowds, by going to wherever they were not. We took my 11 yo son for the first time, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He did ask when we were getting a volcano for the back yard. Yeah, right. Having him there was fun, but I missed seeing some displays, and didn't have time to absorb the displays like I normally do because he was like a jackrabbit running all about. My husband didn't enjoy it as much as last year, but he couldn't really say why. It was a wonderful breath of spring air, and enjoyable as a family outing.

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