Please ID theses plants?

chueh(7B)June 10, 2012

Thank you advance for ID the following weeds/bushes/plants.

This bush looks like a sumac, but I am not sure if it is the kind that is poisonous. This past early spring, it bore yellow clusters, which looked like consist of tiny flower buds bunched together. Then, I never see them really become flowers (well, I was out of town for 2 weeks in mid Spring. Perhaps I missed the bloom)

This is the detail of the bush:

I have a lot of the following seedlings (picture Weed E). Are they the seedlings of the previous sumac like bush?

I also have a lot of the weed below (picture Weed A). They are ground level, spreading their limbs like spiders, growing like sun burst shape:

The Weed/Bush B looks like a burning bush. I do have ONE burning bush, but these Weed/Bush Bs are not adjacent to it. They are scattered all over and around within 40 feet.

Weed C below has round leaves, whose veins are clear, even, and straight.

Weed F, the same as Weed C?

Plant D is in my vegetable bed. What kind of vegetable is this? I don't think I plant any vege like that, but I do have wild daisy nearby the vege bed. This plant D does look like the wild daisy I have around, but I am not sure. If it is some kind of vege, then I will eat it, hahaha:

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The first one does look like a sumac, perhaps Rhus typhina or Staghorn sumac. That is not the poisonous one (the poisonous one grows in swampy areas).

I don't know what weed E is, but I'm pretty sure it is not related to the sumac.

Weed A is a very common weed, should bleed milky sap if you break a piece; I think it is a type of Euphorbia, similar to Euphorbia maculata.

Weed B looks like a seedling Tree of Heaven - an awful tree weed.

Weed C (and also F) is a Lespedeza, I think.

Plant D does look like a daisy.

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Is weed A succulant in texture? may be purslane. It likes to grow more in the sun than shade. I remove it using a dinner fork very carefully to get all the roots and ANY piece of leaf or stem if they break off. This plant will rejuvinate from a speck of anything left behind. I bag it and put it in the garbage. If it is purslane you can also eat it in salads- me I get rid of it. Lois

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Carrie B

Weed a is definitely a Euphorbia, common name I know is shepherd's purse. It's not purslane (Portulaca.)

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