Brussel sprout help

doug(Z5b Ont.)June 12, 2006

I planted my brussel sprouts in mid-May. They are now flowering(not sprouts but yellow flowers). After a little searching, I read that they flower at the end of the producing season when temps. around 50F. I live in Memphis, TN where we don't see temps. like that after April nights. It is now mid-June. Should I pull the flowering plants and start over or will they still produce sprouts? Is there anything else that would cause them to flower besides the temperature? I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Brussel sprouts should be considered a VERY early spring crop or (better) a fall crop for you. The flowering means that warm temperatures have induced them to flower and go to seed. Bolting is the typical term used for these crops.

Call your local extention office for the optimum timing of a fall crop in your area. Timing for something like this is localized. You will want to time the harvest so that you are eating fresh sprouts before a heavy freeze, but frosts are good for brussel sprouts.

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