Need help with ID for a Wild Radish?

raydun(z5 NH)June 22, 2009

Hello again,

The plant on the right in the picture I assume to be a wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum. It's growing in a field in a little group of at least five wild radishes with one other plant, the one that is on the left in the picture. The oddball has basically the same flower, but the buds aren't as prickly and don't have the reddishness to them, and the leaf is completely wrong. I'm aware that there are some other Raphanus sub species but I have no clue if this plant may be one of them. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much,


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raydun(z5 NH)

I checked up on the plant yesterday afternoon, as we had a brief respite from our rainy season, and there are no changes in it's leaf shape. The plant is noticeably shorter than the rest, from 8-10 inches, and the largest leaves still have only one smaller lobe on each side.

There are a pair of drawings of R. raphanistrum at which show that the largest leaves can have only two small lobes on each side, so I'm going to label the plant just an ordinary Wild Radish and call it quits.

I was hoping, of course, to add another plant to my growing collection of wildflower pics, but I think it's not to be. If you'd like to see what I have so far, the pics are posted on my website at

Thanks to all for your attempts to ID this plant, but there's no worry, I've already lined up the next mystery plant and will post it soon.

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where can I get wild radish seeds(Raphanus raphanistrum)??
thank you..

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