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jankay(7b)June 23, 2006

Went out shopping for flowers on the side of the road today and brought back things I can't identify. Can anyone help?

Here is a link that might be useful: Road-side purchases

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we already know the red ones are trumpet vine. What are the other flowers?

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Coreopsis tinctoria. Watch out for that trumpet vine, it can really take over an area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coreopsis tinctoria

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Yellow flower number 2 is what esh_ga is referring too.


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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

When you say "shopping at the side of the road" do you mean stealing plants from public land?

Ethical native plants gardeners do not steal plants. Please buy your plants from nurseries -- a bonus is that they come with name labels.

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rembetika(austin, TX)

while this is true in theory,, at the rate this country is paving over every inch of green space, or putting up sterile housing developments where they scrape every inch of topsoil and native vegetation off the land.. jankay (if s/he were doing as you say) is probably doing the plants and future generations a big favor. open public and private land is shrinking at a alarming rate as everyone ends up selling out to the highest bidder,, i.e., the "United States of Corporatocracy". then the new stewards of this sterile, homogenized land proceed to kill or chase away any remaining native plants and wildlife, as it is messy- and an inconvenient nuisance in their tidy, manicured landscape.
so, in the end.. which is the bigger crime-- one person stealing a few plants off public land and replanting them on their land (which, in theory- is not the ethical thing to do), or big corporations buying millions of acres of green space, destroying all native vegetation (and there's no one around to save the plants), building McMansions & strip malls, and making them all look like "Anywhere, USA"--, in the name of private greed??
because it's being done all over, and no one seems to care...

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

People do care ... if everyone dug plants from the side of the road there would be no flowers left for the public to enjoy.

You can coordinate a plant rescue from a site before it is developed.

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They weren't stolen off someones property. It was taken off the side of the road where there aren't any houses. I very much do agree with rembetika. So really there was nothing wrong. If we didn't dig them up then they would have been mowed down by a tractor. so we did do a good thing! Thanx for your time!

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Sorry, stealing from land you do not own, even if there are no houses, is still stealing. The roadsides are owned by someone, either someone owns the land but doesn't have a house or it is public land, owned by the government but not by you.

It is ethical to rescue plants from land that is going to be developed or used for road widening, but you should ask permission from the owner.

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In some states and nationally also digging plants from public land, roadsides, forests etc is a big no no. Can get you big fines. I do rescues if the ground is being developed.

My big complaint is if you have to ask what the plant is you have no business digging it. Roadside or not what you dug could have been a rare plant habitat. Some plants only live in special niches. If you can not identify what you are digging leave it alone.

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Whoa! Hadn't checked back here in awhile. Points well taken, and my life of crime is over :D. I have friends who do this routinely, and I guess I never thought much about it. It's true that if everyone did this the roadsides wouldn't be very pretty and rare plants would be even more endangered. For the record, I took only one of hundreds that were out there -- not any singles. It's also true I didn't know what these were -- only that they were native and in abundance. I am just learning this gardening game and my enthusiasm got the better of me it seems. Mea culpa ;-).

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