What Wildflower Is This?

JOSydzyikJune 13, 2013

I took this flower from a pasture in southern Nebraska. It had yellow blossoms, but I cannot remember them in any detail. It over-wintered and is doing quite well...in fact it is spreading very well. Can anyone tell me what it is? I have been through a lot of books and have not been able to identify it.

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Looks like a type of Solidago, known as goldenrod. There are many species including a few aggressive ones.

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I did take a goldenrod at the same time. I have included a picture of that which is next to the bunch of mystery plant. The leaves of the goldenrod look longer and a little different to me. Do you think these plants are both goldenrod?

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Solidago canadensis & a long leaf variety maybe Solidago graminifolia.

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Should I be worried about these prairie freebies? I have this in a bed that gets lots of sun and heat. I have it planted with purple coneflowers, sedum, monarda, yarrow, day lilies, and tango lilies. Will it try to crowd out the other flowers? I have always wanted a golden rod to add to my native plants, but maybe I should have spent the money to get one that is made to be less invasive. I have seen pictures of what some of the golden rods can do and frankly I am a little worried.

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Solidago canadensis, the one with the longer leaves, will really spread. Not sure about the other one.

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Solidago canadensis

Here is a link that might be useful: Solidago canadensis

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Thank you to everyone for enlightening me on the various aspects of goldenrod. The web site was very helpful. I have my Canada goldenrod planted in slightly heavy clay soil so it should clump quite nicely. Not sure if I should remove it or keep it. Not to mention the unknown variety next to it. The only plant companions I am worried about are the Tango Lilies. I started this garden in a very hot sunny spot to attract bees and butterflies. The Sedum attracts the bees and the monarda and coneflowers do the rest of the work. So I guess I could always move the lilies if need be. I am leaning toward keeping it and watching nature unfold.

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dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))

Day lillies are not native and can over run your garden in a short time. Since this is the Native plants forum, you should probably look into alternatives. Personally, I find Day lillies to be too bland in a landscape filled with natives.

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You are probably correct. The day lilies and Asiatic lilies gave me color in the hottest time of summer. I have since added prairie onion, obedient plant, common spiderwort and chamomile to the mix so I should have more color without the lilies support. My only problem is that I am running short of ground. I cannot dig up any more lawn so I have little to no space in other established beds. I cannot toss away a plant and none of my neighbors want to take the time to plant them so I am stuck moving them around my limited space.

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bob_71(z7 MD)

Goldenrod blooms in the fall and offers a welcome feast for all types of pollinators. When they are in bloom, it is difficult to shoot a photo without capturing multiple insects. I encourage you to hold on to the plants until you go through the bloom period this fall!


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Thanks for the advice. I am leaving the plants in place for now. It is a wildflower garden and so the goldenrod is appropriate. Besides....I hate to kill plants. Looking forward to the fall bloom. It should give the insects a nice variety in addition to the fall blooming sedum.

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