Growing conditions for Rattlesnake Master?

maryliz(5b/SE lower MI)June 26, 2006

Hi, I'm not a regular on this particular forum, but I wonder if some of you will help me out. I just received a Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium yuccifolium) plant, and I have been online looking for its preferred growing conditions. The advice has been all over the map.

I have poor, dry, sandy soil that drains like a dream. Lavender and dianthus grow well here. I have set up a few lasagna beds for plants that require richer soil.

Based on the appearance (spiky, fat leaves) Rattlesnake Master likes blazing hot FULL sun. I think I got that part figured out.

How rich should the soil be? What about moisture? I have read a lot of conflicting information.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

Hi Maryliz

You're thinking about this way too much, LOL! Since RM is a prairie plant, assume that it's IDEAL situation is full sun and well drained soil. But really, I have it in a mesic(which is average to slightly moist soil)situation, a dry situation, and a dry clay-ish area. They're all doing fine. I think that it's pretty adaptable to most soil conditions as long as it's in full sun, though I think it really wouldn't like wet soil. These plants are very drought tolerant. The first year, treat it like any other perennial. April

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