When do you plant outside?

emilytApril 3, 2008

Hi! I'm brand new here so sorry if it's already been brought up! Anyway, I'm curious as to when you all plant outside. I checked the Farmers Almanac and it says that April 4th is their guess as to when the last frost will be but is this too early to plant outside?

I'm doing vegatables and fruits and herbs. Snow peas, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, cantaloup, basil, rosemary, lettuces (which I know do well in the cold), spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, squash and a few others.

Sorry to be so in depth but this is only my third year gardening. First year was a bust, I really only got basil some beans and tomatoes. Second year got better but I gave birth May 2nd and think I planted way too late. This year I would love to have a successful garden!

Thanks so much in advance!


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Hi Emily,
I'm not familiar with the particular crops you mention [I plant herbs and flowers, no vegies], but most people take Mothers Day as the last frost date.
I normally plant out in April, but this has been such a cold Spring (25 degrees this morning - unusual for April), I'll be waiting for the soil to warm up.

Hope you have a successful garden!


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I ended up here, looking for the same answer! I live at the shore, so my climate is a little different, however, I remember last year planting a bunch of flowers in early May and they got hit by a frost only a few days later and they didn't really come back, so i'm nervous. I'm just starting my seedlings now and aiming to put them in the ground no later than Memorial Day. May mean later crops, but I'm a little behind!!!

Thank you!

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rast_afar_eye(zone 6)

Thanks for askin this question Emily , I'm wondering the same thing...I'm in the Central Jersey area...My first year starting...Im vegetarian so this is good for me...Peace and Love Everyone...

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In April you can put out transplants of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, leafy greens. Don't know about the peas - they're pretty cold hardy and I usually direct sow those on or near St. Patrick's Day - but if you've started them indoors, they might need a little hardening off.

Wait until May to plant beans, peppers, tomatoes and cantaloupe. Peppers and tomatoes, especially, prefer the soil be warmed up for them. You could probably put them out sooner, but they're not going to do much until the ground warms up.

In any event, it's a good idea to have some floating row cover on hand, or even some old sheets. A late frost is usually a light frost and a layer of fabric is often just enough protection to stave off disaster.


PS - I'm at the shore too, bigwuhead, in Monmouth County.

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Mother's day at the absolute earliest for peppers and tomatoes, basil. Mine go in the week before Memorial day every year here in Somerset county.

I will direct seed my lettuce, carrots, greens this coming week.

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