Golden Chain tree and Black Eyed Susan plants

Faith(Chula Vista, CA)June 24, 2005

I am very new to gardening and not very knowledgeable. I have this lovely Golden Chain tree in my back yard and my daughter found some of its seeds. I went on the internet and found out the seeds needed to be 'stratified', I did that - freezing them, soaking them, then, I planted 9 seeds - 3 seeds in each 4 inch pot. I now am the proud owner of 6 seedlings, I guess they are called....two are quite big - maybe 8 inches high.. my question is, Now what do I do with them? They seem to be getting leggy and I pinch them off at the top to make them grow thicker? Do I leave them alone? Do I keep them in the pots? Move them to bigger pots? Plant them outside? I live in the Niagara Region. I'm not sure what zone.

My second question is I planted Black Eyed Susans from seeds - I have three little pots just crowded with seedlings. What do I do with them? Just pop them in the ground? Is it too late in the season? Should they be thinned out and then planted?

I appreciate your help immensely.

Much Thanks,


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Nurmey(5 Omaha, NE)

I've never grown Golden chain trees but the trees I have grown like to be in the ground or in a BIG pot pretty early in their life. They have a long tap root and really like to stretch their roots.

Black eyed susan can go in the ground now. If they have been in the pot too long, they may or may not bloom this year but you want them to get their roots down so they can give you a good show next year. If you water your pot a bit it makes it easier to tease the roots apart when planting. BES are pretty hardy and I usually just rip the root ball into sections and plant each section. Sometimes with one seedling per section and sometimes with several seedlings per section.

Because of the warm weather, you will have to water daily until your seedlings get a foot hold.

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Thank you so much for your reply, Nurmey. Greatly appreciated, believe me!

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