Tall yellow flower

hcc1937(z7VA)June 14, 2008

A friend gave me a plant that she says is very invasive but has beautiful yellow flowers on long stems. I would love to plant it but would like to know what it is.

Please help.

hcc in Virginia

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Is it possible to get a pic? There are lots of tall yellow flowers in cultivation, and in the wild...some native, and some introduced.

The Connecticut Botanical Society has a site (though you aren't on Conn) that shows the wildflowers by colors.

Possibly you can find it or something similar there.

My guess is that it might be a Solidago (Goldenrod)...which is quite pretty but also very prolific.


Here is a link that might be useful: Connecticut Botanical Society Wildflowers

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At least (if you can't get a picture), describe the leaves: how long, how are they arranged (alternate or opposite on the stem), serrated or not, hairy or not, etc.

And can you describe the flower?

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

If they're "Sundrops" they are definitely very vigorous spreaders. I yank and relocate them from May through Fall particularly out of patches of 35 year old Iris beds.

Just move a little dirt with my hands, plunk Oenothera into ground, cover it over and it doesn't miss a beat even when moved in full bloom.

They "travel" by seed although the underground route seems to be their favored method of spreading quite aggressively.

My father got a couple from a co-worker many years ago and neither of them knew what the plant was/is but liked the sunny yellow flowers that are prodigious.

They're said to be "controlled" by other plants crowding them out but they succeeded in keeping sunlight from an azalea for enough years that it's a tiny little thing after 35 years at my father's. I kept the Oenthera clear of it for past two years and it finally got a few blooms this spring.

The Iris invaded by Sundrops desperately need to be dug up and divided and I know the Sundrops will come up with all the landscape cloth that was installed in '79 when the house was built but I also know they'll survive underground and come back in that same place.

The Iris came from my granfather's little city garden and were there for 30+ years so they're exceptionally old, hardy Bearded Iris.

I'm transferring Oenothera as they spread out of control to a wild side of the property that gets dappled shade. My father couldn't believe they continued to bloom after my scanty replanting effort.

Here is a link that might be useful: oenothera tetragona

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