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Treadstone06June 20, 2014

Hello everyone. My wife and I are attempting to garden this year and everything isn't going half bad so far considering our ignorance lol. I'm hoping that someone can recommend something that I can either plant or put near our garden to repel the cursed mosquitos. They are absolutely terrible and we could only handle 10 minutes with bug repellant on. I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

Thanks for your time.

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I'm sort of joking...but about ten years ago we had the most horrendous black fly season and a neighbor made giant caftan coverings of tulle for the entire neighborhood so we could actually visit each other...hilarious but it worked.

I actually have one of these head things for emergency situations....we call 'buzz head'...not sure what bug it is but they just will not stop diving for attack...

After a good rain, check everything around your yard...those pests can breed in a tiny cap full of water...empty garden buckets..turn them upside down by habit....even a 1/2 bag of soil with folded pocket of its plastic collects water...

I make my own summer body lotion that has lemongrass, citronella and cedarwood in a coconut oil base....a bit 'hippy' but it has been working...
smells good!
I've only had about one bite a weekend so far so it seems to work and i'm out all day till sunset.

Here is a link that might be useful: insect protection

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Thanks. Yeah there are several places like that in the field nearby that I can't really do anything about. Would you mind sharing the specifics of that lotion you described? Yesterday, we went out earlier and they weren't quite as bad and I used Repel. I would much rather use something natural if I can find something affective. Thanks for your time and response.

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