How to remove weeds

tkneoJune 21, 2014

I bought this house last year and trying to improve the yard this summer. One of the flower beds looks like this (see picture). There are some hostas in the front and i also see the purple plants but not sure what the rest of the plants are. Can anyone tell me how can i get rid of the weeds and keep the plants ? I am not sure which ones are the bad ones ? Are all these tall plants weeds ?

I am new to all this. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Frankly, I'd take a shovel to the whole patch - especially the spikey purple things which are likely creeping bellflower. To be on the safe side, cut the flower racemes off (and dispose of them in the garbage far far away) while you're deciding what to do to prevent them from casting literally thousands of seeds.

Can't really tell if anything else in there is salvageable; don't know what the grey wispy plant is, but notice a few starts of crab/quackgrass.

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