Jack in the Pulpit question

lumpygravyJune 28, 2008

Someone just gave me a few Jack in the Pulpit plants and bulbs. I've always wanted one of these plants, but I don't know much about them. I always think of them as shade loving plants, but my property has no shade at all yet, so I was wondering if I could plant them in full sun and expect them to survive.

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Mine not only grow in shade, they need moist earth. I have mine in the woods and in my moss garden. If you have a corner of the house that is mossy, it might be a nice spot for them.

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If you look at your yard, try to find a place that gets afternoon shade, perhaps because of the way a young tree or large shrub blocks the sun, that would be preferred. As the above poster said, moisture is appreciated, perhaps even the area where the a/c unit spills condensation. Good enough moisture will even help cope with a sunnier than usual location.

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That's going to be pretty tough for me. Can I grow them indoors in pots till I can create some shade?

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

I wouldnt worry to much, I actually had one in my garden and it got quite a bit of sun and got HUGE!!. they are pretty hardy as long as you Keep it well watered. Im in zone 5/6 NE pa. We also have them in the woods. I live in the country and have seen them grow in the sunny spots in the woods(clearings). This particular Jack was in a wet spot. Hubby forgot it was there in the winter and put something on top of it. I was so mad!
You might want to make a bog garden for it, it can add some other plants that like boggy soil.
Good luck

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