my nice 'corn'

resonanteye(8a/b)July 29, 2008

Some little seedling or baby plants came up. They look like corn. I watered them, put mulch around them, and even put a little glass lean-to next to them, hoping they'd grow fast enough to make corn for me! I was really excited. I planted some corn at the springtime this year and it never came up.

Today my neighbor came out on his porch and saw me pulling some canada thistles out (He told me they were called "dutch a$$4ol3s" haha) and he said, "Oh good, that crabgrass was starting to get big, good to see you're weeding."

I asked him what crabgrass? and he pointed to my "corn".

I looked at one up close and sure enough it's a little patch of grass at the bottom, not corn at all and itonly looks like corn if it's just one stalk...but now I helped them grow so they're making more stalks.

Oh well. Last year I ate flower bulbs once because I thought they were onions. And planted fifteen zuccini plants. Ugh. I think I'm doing better this year.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Well, there would be no point in looking over the fence to see the neighbour's corn growing, by the sounds of things!

And it was an easy mistake to make because corn is a grass!

Thanks for sharing the laugh against yourself. To me, it sounds that you have the right spirit for gardening - :-D! Anyone who can laugh in the face of 15 zuccini plants has definitely Got What It Takes!!!

For next year - you could plant up seed in some of those six cell packs to be sure of what you're adding to the garden. Plant the seedlings when they're a few inches high in a block rather than a row so the wind can spread the pollen better.

I'm glad you didn't eat Narcissus bulbs. They can raise blisters in your mouth. Perhaps if you store your bulbs in net sacks of a different colour from your bulbs...?

Now. What might you put in the bare patch where the crab grass grew?

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I think I might try lettuce. The slugs seem to enjoy that when I plant it. And it does grow!

Is it too late for corn? I bet it's too late for corn.

I wasn't laughing when the zucchini arrived. I though they were something like they would make one or two for each plant, which is why I put so many in! I didn't realize...I had a few days of hacking with a machete, like I was in a jungle, listening to loud music on my headphones; my neighbors thought I'd gone crazy, both for planting that much zucchini and also for chopping it so dramatically! I got some aggression out at least! Some of them got as big as my thigh before I found them, we ended up carving several of them into "human-like" shapes, then threw them out onto the sidewalk like they were little people walking along.

Also when I planted broccoli I thought somehow it made a lot per plant? not just one clump...but it flowered before I got to it anyway, so all was ok!

Narcissus? Those are the small daffodil kind of flowers? I will avoid them :)

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I ate the crocus bulbs. I'm not sure what I was thinking, because they don't look a lot like onion, I thought I put onions there though.

This year I made a garden map thing, but I lost it! So now it's all guesswork again! haha

I do find this all pretty funny, I am gardening for fun...I do photography and art and it's nice to go outside and hang out with my new bug friends and see things growing. I can't take it seriously because I have always had a black thumb, so I find a lot of humor in this

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

About the broccoli - on a seriously aggressive day - chop off that top green broccoli bit - and leave the plant alone to forget for a while. It will probably produce smaller floral bits from lower down on the stem. Ideal for people who aren't Big Broccoli fans...

Making Zuke People sounds a whole lot better than trying to stuff one of them with nourishing disguises and pretending I like the result. Thanks!

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I didn't know that the broccoli would ever make any more!

I have two out there right now that have the most pretty little yellow flowers on them. :D

I got past the point of trying to disguise the zucchini. I gave so much away nobody would take it any more, and I think several of my friends were avoiding me too just in case I would try to give them another bag of it!

The zuke people were my last resort. Those plants were a good start for my messy compost heap, though.

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