Specialist in carexes, grasses?

ncrescueJune 28, 2012

Anyone out there know a native plant person who specializes in carexes, grasses, and luzulas? I need a speaker on this topic for an early fall meeting. Small stipend.

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check with your local college or ag extension service. there are agricultural extension agronomists and horticulturists who specialize in this and whose job is to serve the public.

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I have used one fellow from Valdosta State - Richard Carter.

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Thanks for the responses. Our local extension has little to no interest in natives. There are a few people from the Raleigh area of NC State, but they are usually too much in demand.

Ferns and grasses still give me major problems in ID. Saw a new grass in the mountains this past week, but nothing in my books looked like it. I failed to take a photo, so I guess I will have to wait until next year to find out what it is!

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Grasses are often identified by their seeds. I am surprised your extension agronomist is not interested, some even specialize in native weeds that may occur in crop fields. harumph! : )

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I received a book on weeds for my fifth year MG present. Most of these plants were "acceptable" natives. NC State has trained people, but most of the local agents are generalists.

Our local agent often recommends plants that are on the invasive list, much to my sorrow.Some agents in other locales are more in tune with the native/green movement.

I did not deal with the commercial agents when I was with MG, so there may be someone there who knows about these "weeds." I will check.

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