Couple of questions as I start the garden up

andyinnycApril 5, 2007

1. I received my asparagus crowns from Burpee. My raised beds are 4' wide. Could someone suggest an adequate spacing plan? When should I plant these?

2. I have a self watering 3x3 foot 24" deep planter for 3 drwarf blueberry plants. Could someone suggest a soil mix to use to fill the bucket?

I'm in Mercer County in NJ



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chefhick(z6 NJ)

Hi Andrew,
I live in Burlington County. I started Asparagus 13 years ago here and in Camden County 5 years before I moved here. I planted Blue berries about 8 years ago here.

I have two suggestions. First read as much as you can. I have a decent garden library. If I had the web 20 years ago I wouldn't have one book. There is so much good free info. So many States have university extentions with web sites that are loaded with info. Rutgers, Cornell, UC, Wisconson, etc... This site has all sorts of things that are also interesting and informative. A great place to get ideas and inspiration.

Two, do all you can to improve the soil. The asparagus likes a rich well drained loam. It is a heavy feeder and the crowns will spread. I have a raised bed here that is surrounded with lumber and I believe the crowns are outgrowning the boarder. I don't have a big plot and I think I got a dozen crowns. Eight would have been enough. Gardening does require some long term planning for the best results. It may be one of the reasons it is satisfying.

The blue berries also like well draining soil. It is very important to get the PH below 5 for the best results. It took me a few years to accomplish this and the results were impressive. Adding a different variety will also help fruiting. Leave the berries on the bush to ripen. Birds do like them though.

I could add more but try the Rutgers site for info.

Best wishes Chef Hick

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