Experience with English Hollies anyone?

kelly922April 23, 2012

We planted three 4 1/2 ft English Hollies two falls ago as part of an evergreen screen along a 5' tall fence on the SE side of our back yard. The English Hollies completely lost their leaves after that 1st winter. They rebounded with new foliage but not like it was when it was first planted. Overall it still has a very sticky appearance with sparse foliage and doesn't even look 1" bigger. I know it's still early and it usually takes a few yrs to get established but I guess we were hoping for SOMETHING in terms of progress as the shrubs around it are growing. Hoping this coming season will quiet our concerns. In the meantime, most of what we read about it is conflicting in terms of growth rate and size - so we're a little confused. We love it but we bought it for the promise of SIZE and the benefit of year round color. Wondering if anyone in NJ has experience - good or bad - with english hollies and if there's any advice you can give us. Thanks! --Kelly

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English holly needs well-drained soil. They can take a few years to settle in.

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I believe English Holly is a bit more cold tender than many locally available but should be good to at least zone 7. I currently grow Blue Princess/Prince, Nellie Stevens (a beautiful ad big variety), Japanese Holly, and Inkberry. Those that are crossed with te Asian varieties seem much hardier. Have not had trouble with Holly in NJ except for some deer munching this year for some reason. Used to grow a Chinese Holly with beautiful, big, glossy leaves but more prickly than a cactus. If the English one does not work out fr you, there are lots more that will thrive in NJ.

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