Asiatic Lillies - REBLOOM?

bobby1973July 23, 2006

hi all, i planted a bed of asiatic lilly bulbs last fall ('05') and they successfully bloomed about 1 month ago. but the blooms only lasted about 2 weeks before the flower petals started falling off to the ground. is 2 weeks the usual run for asiatics? doesn't seem like much of a bloom period considering how long i had to wait for the stems & foliage to pop up and establish their buds. interesting thing though - after the flower petals dropped about 2 weeks ago, i left the foliage there standing so that they could transfer sufficient energy back down to their bulbs. i figured i would just cut them down to the ground once they started yellowing. but i just took a close looks at them, and it appears that they're all forming buds again! do asiatic lillies typically bloom more than once a season? i'd certainly be delighted:)

thanks so much!


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triciae(Zone 7 Coastal SE CT)

No, they won't rebloom. What you're seeing are the seed pods developing where the flowers were. And, yes, two weeks seems about right for the blooms to last...a little less if the weather is very rainy or extremely hot/humid & a little longer if weather is a perfect 75 & dry.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I agree, asiatics have a short bloom period, although I would have said it was closer to 3 weeks from first to last blossom. I get around that by planting orientals, L/A, trumpets, tigers, and orienpets to extend the season. Also, check through the catalogs carefully since there are 'early' and 'late' bloom periods according to variety - they don't say that, but they do give an indication of the month/s of bloom. I've never quite succeeded in having lilies blooming successively for the whole summer, but I usually have several blooming at any one time from mid-May through mid- to late-August; our heat waves can wreak havoc on summer succession but regular irrigation does alleviate some of that problem.

Those "buds" are probably seed pods. You can let them ripen, and then scatter on rich, well-drained soil to have baby lilies next year, although it usually takes 2 years for the bulblets to get big enough to bloom. Since many lilies are hybrids, the seeds may not grow to make look-like-mama flowers, but you may get something else just as lovely. Assuming your lilies are in rich but very well-drained soil, you can dig up the bulbs every third year and take the surrounding baby bulbs to increase your supply.

Because lily blossoms are a 'one-shot' deal, it's best to plan on over-planting the bed with annuals or shallow-rooted perennials to conceal the lilies' dying foliage. I've found that veronica, nepeta and asclepia make good covers, and mix in some of the white or primrose marigolds to balance the color palette for a colorful but low-care bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: van engelen's lily page

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I have dozens of asiatic lillies in bloom now and want advice about moving them to NC in October. Should I pot them up after they stop blooming in potting soil and then plant in the fall in NC or do I have to wait till fall to dig them up to move. It may be several weeks from the time we move until I can get my new garden planting ready. I will have so much to do in the fall with the move -I plan to take most of my 18 year old garden with me- that I'm trying to do as much as I can NOW before it gets too hot to work outside and before the fall.

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i would definitely wait until the fall to dig the bulbs up, so as to give the foliage as much time as possible at transferring energy back down to the bulbs.


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Altho you weren't asking how to extend the lily season. I have found the shorter ( dwarf) asiatics sometimes bloom sooner than the tall ones.
To extd the season further get some other lilium that will bloom after your asiatics such as:
orienpet ( my favorite)
species lilium
and trumpets for fall.


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I planted asiatic lilies last spring. They were already full grown plants and they bloomed beautifully. After the plants died off, I cut them down. About when should I expect them to start growing up again? Not sure what to look for. I planted a bunch of bulbs for different things last fall so I am not sure which are which. :)

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Jen - like other bulbs, lilies need the foliage left in place after blooming to be able to photosynthesize and produce enough energy to recharge the bulb for next year's bloom. You can remove the old flowers and upto 1/3 of the lily stalk, but the rest should remain in place and untouched until all the foliage browns and dries and falls off. Only then should you cut down the stalk. I like to leave a smallish stub - couple inches - in place so I know where the lilies are located when doing any clean up or dividing/new planting. In spring as the new growth emerges, the fat, rounded shoots of this year's plants should push off any stalk remaining after winter.

Be careful of these shoots and avoid damaging them. A broken shoot of a newly emerging lily will not flower that season.

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I got asiatic lily bulbs which are white- purpulish in color and looks like pedals put together like garlic.

Now I have planted them about 8inches deep. Will they come back? I also have some small bulbs to plant. Will these bulbs become a plant?

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I have grown asiatic form for about five years and several reach a flowering height of over 6 feet and flowers can last up to 5 weeks. If in a sunny, sheltered position and kept watered in dry hot weather you can extend the flowering time. Just keep an eye out for lily beetles

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