Plant IDs for Upstate, NY

awed(6)June 13, 2012


I have these two weeds and I'd like to know what they are:

The first flowers around now (June) and I don't remember if the second flowers.

I'm around Rochester, NY.

You can see full size images if you click the + sign in the upper right.

Thanks a bunch!

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Oops I'll make the link clickable.

Here is a link that might be useful: 4 pictures

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jimbobfeeny(5a IN)

Those are fleabanes (Erigeron spp). I'm pretty sure they're native (some of the species, anyways)

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Thanks jimbobfeeny. Are the other ones ones you recognize? They look similar but they don't flower (as of now)(my Dad insists they don't flower). Feabanes is good to know.

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The second one looks like the goldenrod in my backyard. It doesn't bloom until very late summer.

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Ah you're right. That may be goldenrod. I do have some goldenrod. I will have to post new pics if there are ones that look like goldenrod but are not.

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I also agree the first is fleabane and also come in pink but is shorter. The other is a goldenrod . there are several ones some smaller and I think a bite more manageable in the spreading. Both are nice and the goldenrod helps to tie together one of our beds with the "native"end of this longsloped garden. Both are easy to remove and or transplant Lois

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herbalist, naturalist, teacher and plant identification savant 7song is based in ithaca, ny. his plant walks and plant i.d. workshops are top notch! might be nice to do if you're in that general area. you can find his workshop schedule on his herb school website

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Nothing against Ithaca or 7song, but there are ones closer to home - and in Rochester itself, if you are looking for plant identification walks. I live in just southeast of Rochester and know that for a fact. Been on some and lead some hikes. The Upstate Gardeners' Journal would be a great source for finding listings of such classes and hikes. The UGJ is a very cool free magazine that you can read from their website.

But if you do take the 2+ hour trip to Ithaca from Rochester, be sure to add the Cornell Plantations to the list of things to see. Great place if you are a plant lover.


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