I planted too many in my container HELP

colleen_gardener(6 Bayonne, NJ)July 8, 2006

Hi All! This is my first year with a container garden or gardening ever for that matter. Except for a small bumps that everyone here has helped me with - things are going very well and growing well. However, I seemed to have planted too many flowers (Pansie's, Petunias) in one container - how do I go about digging them up and replanting them in another container? What do I need to know? Do I just pull them up and replant? Is there a certain way to do this?


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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

It's nearly impossible to plant "too many" in a container....lots of plants make for a lovely lush look....just remember more plants drink more water and eat more plant food.
Don't dig them out....just enjoy the plants.
Linda C

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

If you only planted up last week or so - the little plants will probably still be 'thinking' about extending their roots out from the shape they were last in (punnet-shape) so it would be safe to just loosen them gently with a slim trowel ot pot gardener's hand fork - and put them into another prepared container.

If they've been there a while (month or so) they'll be out and foraging with their roots.

As lindac says - reliable and regular water and food - and you'll be in for a glorious display. Keep taking off the spent heads and pinch back any straggling stems and you're likely to have flowers until the first hard frost. (The petunias might go off but the pansies could go on for a while longer. A small feed of slow release and some sun shelter should keep them happily flowering.)

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