Touch of Class ... something is wrong :(

twroszJuly 4, 2012

Touch of Class is a mature specimen that has always been a stellar performer. I've seen obvious hosta virus on many plants at the greenhouses, though never have noted any evidence on mine and neither have I acquired any plants for many years now, though I acknowledge such can be slow to develop. The leaves have narrowed and thickened up substantially, so much so that it was difficult to snap a leaf off and the plant doesn't even resemble its former self. A friend mentioned of the same symptoms with a different variety of her's and the following season the plant was dead. I intend to carefully remove and dispose of this hosta along with a large quantity of soil and all the roots I can find.



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Awe :( It does appear to be coming from the veins doesn't it?

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Does not look anything like HVX to me. It's probably got something to do with the growing conditions, root competition, frost/freeze damage, etc.

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The new flush of leaves in the middle wouldn't show frost damage. They are showing a lot of distortion as well as odd shape for this hosta. The veins appear to show some ink bleed. Maybe Steve, Ken or Paul will chime in and give their opinion soon.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I can't tell from that leaf shot if that is ink bleed or not. You'll have to get a better picture if you want to be sure.

Thickening and elongating of leaves is very unusual. I've never seen it before in HVX or any other disease that commonly affects Hosta. How long has this been happening? Is it happening over the entire plant or just part of it? Any other plants nearby that are doing anything unusual. Have you used a weed and feed on the lawn nearby? Are there any other symptoms (i.e. dead tissue, other growths, etc).


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bkay2000(8a TX)

I've run into that problem before. The plant was planted too deep. This one was in pretty low light, too.


The same plant the next year after repotting it and raising it in the pot. My neighbor had added soil to the top of the pot and was smothering the crown.

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June, which is growing nearby is also doing the very same thing, though I spy nice normal new foliage coming ... so probably weather/nutrient related, though I'm unsure, as the soil had been deeply dug and amended and there's no root competition from any trees. Right from their emergence this spring they've displayed such traits throughout the entire plant. There had been no chemical whatsoever used around them and nor had the soil level been altered, last year they were gorgeous specimens! We also had good decent consistent spring temperatures and moisture levels and nearby hostas have totally gone to town, as seen in the below shot of Striptease. I am relieved to hear this doesn't appear to be some type of hosta virus and might just give these two slackers a dose of fertilizer and later flow up with the results.

June growing close by and doing the same darn thing

June with nice new foliage emerging :)

Striptease growing nearby and totally showing off

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I'm not sure those photos show what I meant them to show. The leaves on my neighbor's NBC were very elongated and thick.


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bkay2000, the depth of these two hostas seem about right, I appreciate your comment regarding such, as otherwise due to my cold climate, I do have a tendency to plant deeply, some things are fine with such and others not and require adjustment.


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