are my onions and garlic ready to harvest?

hyazvacJuly 11, 2014

I am new to gardening. i planted these in april. are these onions and garlic ready to harvest? Do you have any suggestions for me? I know that i have to pick them and let them dry, but i don't really know how. someone told me i could braid the stems together?

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The garlic is ready to harvest when 1/3 to 1/2 the leaves have yellowed. Don't wait too long, or it will become over-ripe and the cloves will begin to separate from the stalk.

"Softneck" varieties of garlic are better suited for braiding and keep for a longer time. "Hardneck" garlic has a shorter shelf-life.

Onions are ready when at least half their leaves have lost their color and are beginning to fall over. However, since they can be harvested at any stage, increasing in pungency as they mature, you could certainly pull a few of the larger ones to use now and give the little guys a little more room to grow.

Harvest the bulbs by hand, lifting them from below rather than pulling the stalks, and try to harvest in dry weather. There's not much you can do about rain, but stop watering about a week before harvest, if possible to lessen chance of post-harvest disease. Some people dry the bulbs anywhere, even in full sun, but a well-ventilated area in at least dappled shade is best.

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thank you so much!!!

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