Leaf drop on milkweed, Asclepias incarnata

MCoffieldJune 18, 2013

I have worked at a garden center for many years and have observed yellowed leaf drop on our young (less than one year) plants beginning at the base, in mid-summer. There is no obvious fungal or aphid cause. Anyone know what the cause could be?? thanks

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Probably a natural characteristic.

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bubbleoffplumb(z6 NY)

is she getting enough water? mine did best close to a down spout.

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If this is a potted plant, it could be that the pot is too shallow. Milkweeds are tap-root plants, and they really need to be in a pot that is 12 inches deep, in order to thrive.

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Last summer, I bought an Asclepia pupurea. It was a young plant and had no blooms. The leaves started to turn yellow after a couple of weeks in the ground. The yellowing started from the base of the smaller stalks and worked its way up until I lost the those stalks.

Since I still had three larger stalks left, I moved it to a drier location (southwest sun on a slight slope). Here it is today. Sorry that the picture is blurry. There was a slight wind.

I know that the incarnata likes more moisture than the pupurea. The incarnata is doing well in the same spot where the purpurea was.


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I had/have the same exact problem. Day and night I'd watch closely. I found numerous slugs feasting on all of my milkweed. Well they haven't been on there in the last 2 nights n I haven't had yellow leaves. Yet....

This plant is 5 months old.

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