jack in the pulpit advice needed

groundcoverJune 23, 2008


Last year I rescued a couple of doomed Arisaema mid-spring, they did well until they went dormant, as I had expected them to. This spring only pups came up. Could the main bulbs have taken a year off(not enough moisture, they were planted much deeper, perhaps the ground was too hard)? Should I re-dig now, or plead with the water gods in hope of a brighter future? Arums (not native) also doing poorly.

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't know. The jacks by me seem to move around in an apparently random fashion. That doesn't make sense so I am probably missing something. Sometimes I find them in new locations and sometimes they seem to go missing after reappearing in the same spot for two or more years in a row. Hopefully someone more expert than me answers your question. One area where I had them several years in a row was fairly dry.

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Interesting... I planted mine in a season that turned out to be a drought. I thought I had lost them. Last year I did not see many of them. This year, suddenly they are all over. I am guessing they only put up a leaf and I did not notice them in the ferns?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Mine don't seem to move, but this spring I noticed several good sized ones that weren't there at all last season. I'm thinking they may occasionally take a season off if stressed enough, but then return when conditions are more to their likeing.


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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Jacks like it moist. I would keep 'em watered well this year... and they'll probably do better next year.

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