Winter Sowing Silver Dollars

gretchenmi(Zone 5)July 12, 2006

Would appreciate any advice on winter sowing these....I live in Michigan and am curious when to start them inside?...Depth...Lighting.....Moisture.....Germination Time....Transplanting in Spring....?...Any advice is "blooming" appreciated!

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Honesty-Silver Dollar-Lunaria is often sown where you want it to grow. Sow seeds in Summer to Fall, cover by 1/8", seedings will appear when your soil begins to warm in Spring.
If you want to start indoors, do so 8 weeks before your last frost in your area, again covered by 1/8" @ approx 70F, keep moist but never soggy. Harden plants off gradually to get them used to the outdoors. Seeds will take from 10-14 days to germinate.

There are both Growing from Seed, and Winter Sowing forums here that could be helpful with your seed starting projects.

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triciae(Zone 7 Coastal SE CT)

I've grown these for over a decade. You don't have to "sow" them. Just scatter the seeds where you want them in late summer/early fall & toss a few fallen leaves over the area...there's no need to even cover them with soil (I never have). They will sprout over the my case, under the snow. Come meltoff, they will be 6" tall & quite bushy already. Since they are biennial...they will just grow leaves the first season but return the second year & begin blooming in May. They bloom for 5-6 weeks in my garden. My seed heads are just about ripe now...maybe, another couple weeks before I harvest. They are extraordinarily easy to grow & can be invasive (the two often seem to go

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