Inkberry (Ilex Glabra) and Black Walnut

hld6(z7 MD)June 15, 2008

Hi All,

Does anyone out there have Inkberry planted near Black Walnuts, successfully? I've found lists that indicate other plants of the Ilex Genus are sensitive to Black Walnut toxicity and others that are resistant but nothing specifically about Ilex Glabra.

While a plant can fail due to any number of reasons, observations of sucess are more definitive.

Thanks! Helen

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hld6(z7 MD)

I figure I'll answer my own question in case anyone is interested in the future.

I posted this question to the NativePlantseast Yahoo group and got a response from a member who has several growing 40' away from Black Walnuts that are doing fine and one planted right under the Black Walnut that is doing poorly.

So they seem to be somewhat susceptible to juglone when getting a "full dose". How they'd act with intermediate exposure is still a question.


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bubbleoffplumb(z6 NY)

thanks for posting what you've found, helen

the online resources sometimes have conflicting info - good idea to ask someone who has tried and or succeeded in growing the two together.

I too have a "black walnut area" (with the addition of shade and deer), but haven't attempted the combo you listed - so I was lurking waiting for someone to answer the question.

I'm glad you did! - thanks again

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hld6(z7 MD)

You're most welcome "Bubbleoffplumb". (Great name by the way!)

I decided to "roll the dice" with Wax Myrtle. It doesn't show up on susceptible or tolerant lists - probably because its range doesn't overlap with Walnut. If they get sickly I'll replace them with American Holly (Ilex Opaca) which shows up (consistently) on the tolerant lists.

If they do Ok I'll try to remember to post the results of this experiment. :)


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Is there any follow-up to the original question about inkberry growing near black walnut trees? I cannot find any lists that mention inkberry as either juglone tolerant or intolerant and have asked a number of "experts" who do not know.
Thanks, Lee

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