gardeningbygraceJuly 30, 2007

In a couple of weeks the rodents realize it is time to "dig in" and get food for the upcoming cold. I garden in a community garden and we all have this problem--rodents the size of a rat burrow in our hills of sweet potatoes. I keep my area clean of weeds and the vines about four feet long but this rodent always seems to burrow in and eat some of the biggest taters! Does anyone have an answer for all of us to control these pests before they even think about making a home?

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Maybe someone on the Vegetables Forum could help.

Best luck!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Actually, I suspect your best method is going to be to plant the taters inside a box. By using ¼" wire mesh for bottoms and sides (and some inches above ground), the critters cannot reach the taters. I have ongoing warfare with voles, and the only taters I get are those grown inside a long mesh box. I use 30" wide mesh, buried 12" inches deep and keep it well mulched. Surround the box and intersperse the plantings with marigolds to help deter potato beetles. Yes, it was a pain to dig the first time (to bury the bottom third), but after that it's been a joy to reach inside and scrabble out a lovely big *un-nibbled* tater.

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