Here is the Other Rutgers event

ellenr22April 1, 2008

Ag/Field day is April 26th - link below.

They sell plants as well as many other activities, great for kids.

I'm trying to remember from last year what they had in the way of plants, can't remember. Not as extensive as what you'll find at the official plant sale.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rutgers Ag/Field Day

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PS- It is the same day as the NJ Folk Festival- I have never gone, as I don't like crowds, but people who go, and who like that kind of music, say that it is a great event.

And if you're new to the area, or just have never gone, I do recommend the tour of the Rutgers gardens and Helyar woods, the latter is, I believe, an example of original forest and famous for that.


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Glad you posted this one. I went last year and it was enjoyable. Again, bring a wagon and be prepared for a loooonnnngg walk. The plant selection was quite different from the May event. Lots of annuals and baskets, nice selection of herb and vegetable seedlings - some of them unusual varieties. I was hoping to get a Ramapo tomato seedling, but heard they sold out right away. A lot of these seedlings are grown by local Master Gardeners. They also sold some plants propagated from their greenhouses ... I bought two little fig trees.

There was a nice display on rain gardens, right in front of the one under construction. I hope they'll do that again this year.

There were vendors with all kinds of things - honey & wax products, baked and preserved goods, potpourri and herbal soaps, and, of course, plenty of food.

There was quite a crowd, but since it was spread out over such a large area, with plenty of open spaces, it really didn't feel so crowded.

It's a fun day.

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The Great Tomato Tasting is scheduled for August 27th at the Experimental Farm in Pittstown.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Rutgers for getting Ramapo back out on the market. I've had 2 so far and they have been delicious!

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