3 lantana are drooping now

yensenmJuly 17, 2007

I planted 5 lantana 'tiddly wink red' plants on Saturday. Yesterday and today I had to replant them because they were not deep enough. Now 2 of them are fine and the other 3 look very droopy. I watered all of them with some miricle grow in the watering can earlier this morning. What could cause this? I dont want to water them again for fear of overwatering. I know the flower is drought tolerant so what should I do? Thank you, I am new to gardening. Everything I have read about lantana says it is a very easy plant to care for but I feel like I must be doing something wrong.

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Give them a couple of days, & if they're in direct, glaring sun, shade them until they're established.

I transplanted some sizeable lantana this summer & they not only wilted but lost almost all their leaves.

Now they're growing well.

Sometimes fertilizing new plantings or transplants overstimulates & stresses them.

Compare yourself to a heart surgeon who's just done a transplant.

You let the patient be groggy & slow while he recovers, & you probably give him a liquid diet & no stimulants.

You don't say, "Hmmm...This patient isn't very perky. Think I'll give him a handful of diet pills!"

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