transplanting boxwoods

pamJuly 23, 2005

My husband wants to move 2 old fashioned English boxwoods to new locations. They are about 3 ft. tall, and are between 30 and 40 years old. Can anyone provide some how to's, and especially the don't do's? Thanks.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Wait until it's cooler.....root prune about 9 months before you move them and again 6 months before and again 3 months before.
Dig a big hole to put them into.....water them well before you decide to dig.....dig a trench just outside of the line where you root pruned.....a deep trench.....dig under the bush, tip it to the side, slip some burlap under it and pull it out of the hole. Best to have a lot of help!
That's a huge bush!.....
Linda C

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Thanks Linda. It sounds like he needs to get started, doesn't it!! Thanks so much for your help.


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I found some large boxwoods tossed on the side of the road....Yep, I hauled them home.They are rather large.....root balls were about the size of a gallon: maybe gallon&half container.The drip line....about 3ft.Think they have a chance? Should I prune the bushes back at all now? Thanks! lori

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Need to transplant 5 small boxwoods for a client. Now that it is March 8th...should I wait until threat of frost which will be beginning of May. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

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