Snapdragons dying??

PMC_Nebraska(z5 NE)July 19, 2005

My snaps have reseeded themselves for several years. This year, they started to get almost varigated leaves. They had paler green spots on them. When you look at the underside of the leaf it had brown round bumps on it. Now most of them are dead or dying and I am just ripping them out and putting them in the trash.

Anybody know what it is?

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starla8(z5 MA)

I love snapdragons so I'm sorry for your loss. Have you done anything different to the soil? New fertilizer maybe?

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Snaps get some kind of rust disease, or at least a disease that is snapdragon specific.
I'm sure others know more details about it than me.
But yanking them out is what I do when they get the disease because they look bad.

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