Strawberry plant question?

bigwuheadApril 4, 2008

When I bought my house a year ago, I noticed one of the things that "came back" in the yard was a strawberry plant. There seems to be one bigger one, and a few small stragglers near it. I expect that since it was completely neglected by the previous renter/owners of the house, it will start to thrive, but really I have no idea.

So anyhow, I wanted to see if anyone could share some information on what, if anything I should do for the plant. And forget about me ever being able to eat a strawberry for myself, darn chipmunks! Although, I'm hoping maybe one day...

Anyhow, any and all advice is greatly appreciated!


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try pulling any weeds around the plants, a balanced fertilizer and use straw around the plant as mulch to keep the weeds down.

The squirrels will thank you.

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Cristina, I think the last people probably thought they took all the plants with them, and left this one behind. They multiply quickly by runners, so you should have a decent lil patch next year. I have had strawberries for maybe 6 years now..never fert, never give them any attention except water when its been dry. Never cut them down, and never mulch. I leave them for the bunnies so they leave my flowers alone, lol. I agree about pulling the weeds, gotta do that. but be careful because alot of times those darn weeds like to grow right at the base of a plant, and when you go to pull it you may pull the plant, they have shallow roots and will come out easily. I suggest holding the strawberry plant down with one hand and pulling the weed with the other.

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