help in identifying lake hostas

hostacats(zone 3b)July 1, 2014

OK I am a bit confused at the lake. Last year I bought big containers from Wal-Mart, yes the Big box store and I brought them to the lake and I divided them all to one eye to make lots of hostas out there. I'm not spending lots of money for the cottage. Somehow most of the tags went missing?? Too cold windy? Who knows.
I think this might be sieboldiana elegans?? Maybe??? Sorry moved the camera

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hostacats(zone 3b)

This one I think is Aureo Marginata is that maybe correct??

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hostacats(zone 3b)

This one I have no clue. They are remember from Wal-Mart so popular ones

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Another I don't know. Not good at recognizing them yet.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Last one. And I think there are a few doubles there.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Your guess on the first two seem very possible. My guess is that the one with the thin white edge is Francee, and that the ones with the wider white edges are Patriot. Both are readily available at big box stores. However, it is difficult to tell with immature hostas and w/o something to suggest the size of the leaves and form of the plant.


PS. You may want to edit your profile so that your e-mail address doesn't show up each time you post a thread. ;-) Click on the link below...

Here is a link that might be useful: E-Mail addresses thread

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Thanks Babka for the advice on the hostas and for how to not put my email address for every one to see. Good thing its only my second day here.
Yes the are immature plants, sorry. Big plant chopped up last year for the lake. It worked, and I didn't want expensive ones out there when it gets lots of wind from the lake.


If nobody else has any ideas as to what they are for now I guess I will call them that until the mature???

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I agree with Babka's I.D.'s.

Don B.

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Give your Fortunei Aureomarginata about four years, while watering often and generously, and you'll have a good-sized, handsome plant (in my opinion) that's as tough as a Las Vegas steak. ; )

Don B.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


Welcome to the forum. I think that is montana Aureomarginata in your second picture. It's immature but the variegation pattern looks familiar.

Just a word of caution, that Big Box stores like Walmart are not a safe source for Hosta. We were all new to this once, but have learned that BB stores often sell plants with Hosta Virus X. The plants you have look fine, and may be OK, but sooner or later buying from these sources will get you a diseased plant.


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hostacats(zone 3b)

Thanks Babka, Don, and Steve. It helps.
Steve, most of my hostas were bought from a nursery here in town, which happened to close down last fall. And because I am new or fairly new to the hosta fever I would buy whatever looked good, and which names I could find that I didn't have. Unfortunately, I do have the HVX in my garden. That's why the past two weeks Ive been researching and found the forum. I knew something was wrong with these hostas, found out about it, but wanted help in identifying for sure. The diseased hostas so far have come from that nursery that closed down.
I know I'll probably find more. I've dug out three so far and replaced with ferns and another type of perennial. I think I have another three that I have to dig out. AND I'm scared this is just the beginning!! I have over 250 hostas in my yard, and because I did not know anything about this I did not sanitize my tools!!! :( :( :( I am NOW doing it to save whatever I have.
I have also been ordering hostas online through Ontario places that check and so far have only gotten three of them. I am not including them with the remainder of the hostas, but planting in other areas of my backyard.
Its such a disheartening thing to find out, sad, frustrating, pissed off. Had killing my hostas!!!


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Awww, HostaCats, I am so sorry for that problem. It is something that strikes fear into my heart to think about having it.

Have you thought about buying 5 test kits for HVX from the link to AGDIA? It beats the heck out of obsessive worry.

Good luck dealing with your virus problems.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

I did not order test strips, but was thinking about it. All I did was research on the computer and found the Hosta library with pictures of viruses and it looked like it.
I posted pictures on another forum and those that responded to me all say that's what it is. A guy by the name of Chris I hear is very good and owns his own nursery, he told me what I had on the forum was very diseased. So I am worrying, and looking at my hosta gardens every day, inspecting, and yes I sanitize every time I have to do anything!! I'm sure I'll get more virused hostas, but I have to save what I can.....I have over 250 so that will make me go insane if they all have it.
Also not all nurseries know anything about the virus. Brought my phone to a big nursery in town here and they made me repeat what the name of the virus was!!! Showed them pictures, and they had no idea. Sooooo......I am taking the advice from people on the forums because they seem to know and understand a lot better then people I thought were professionals.


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