What kind of mint is this?

rivermintyJune 21, 2007

I really hate to ask this without providing a photo *covers face embarrassedly*, but since I'm here I thought I'd ask... I have this random mint plant growing in my garden, and I can't tell what it is exactly. I've looked up other wild mints on Yahoo!Images, but nothing really matches- all those leaves look thicker, smaller, and more dark green.

My plant is a green-yellow with broad-ish leaves, no flowers yet (has been growing since early April at least), and a strong, almost bitter taste. It's growing steadily and like a weed. I wonder if anybody knows what it is?...

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Any lemon in the scent? Might be lemon balm? I find it unpleasant, but others really like the smell.

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At first I thought it was more of an herb, a kind of basil perhaps, with perhaps a slightly lemony scent. But then my mom pointed out that it was mintier.

It could have spread from the mint that we planted last year, although I don't remember any of the seeds finding their way down their last year (or this), so I'm NOT sure....

Definitely not lemon balm, though. lol Thanks for the response. :)

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