Plants wilting

TryntonJuly 20, 2014

This is my first time growing anything, so I started with pumpkins, peppers, and tomatoes. Its been going fine so far, but over the last few days the lower leaves close to the ground on the pumpkins and tomatoes have started yellowing, and the really bad ones are brittle and fall apart when touched. The flowers on the pumpkins are just turning yellow and started to open, but they wilt and dry out before they can. Even a few of the tomato flowers are drying out. Is there a disease doing this? The plants are still growing just fine, but the flowers and bottom leaves are dead

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Temperatures have been around 92-95

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jerseygirl07603 z6NJ

are they getting enough water?

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Can you post any pics, Also do you have them in containers? As far as I can tell from your discription it sounds like your tomatoes will be alright, I just take those leaves off and throw them away an try to water at the base of the plant so you don't splash water on the leaves if possible an do the same with peppers because that hot of weather is hard on the plants.

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If anything they get too much water. I started giving them more when some of the leaves started drying. Everyone said they probably were not getting enough, but the ground is more than moist.

They are in the ground, not containers. They get sunlight all day. If it was just a few leaves I would be less concerned, but every pumpkin flower is wilting before the bloom. The vines are still growing just fine

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And another

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