any success in growing coneflowers from seed?

canadiankatyJune 4, 2006

Hello gardeners and thanks for reading my posting,

I live in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada, zone 3 or 4. I have tried to grow White Swan coneflowers from seed for a couple years. I never get any sprouts! I have tried seeding right in the garden, and I have tried seeding in little pots, with a mix of peet and dirt. The seeds do nothing. I have bought the seeds from a couple different sources, Stokes, and from Walmart, I forget the package name now. Is there some kind of secret to growing these plants from seed?

from Katy

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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

I never had any trouble with them, and they re-seed themselves in the open ground. Winter-sowing makes it easy, see the WS forum.

You might try to get a local or far north source of seeds.

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Echinacea seed needs to be stratified before it will germinate.

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prairiepaintbrush(RedOak, TX z7/8)

I've just thrown mine out on the ground in the fall, and for a long time I thought I wasn't getting any, but they just take a looong time to become noticeable. Not sure if geography makes a difference.

I thought one could only stratify hard lumpy seeds. hmm.

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what does hard or lumpy have to do with it?

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oogy4plants(6B MD)

I believe PPB means scarify- to scratch the surface of the seed. Echinacea needs to be stratified- to undergo a cold period before sprouting when it warms up. If you plant the seeds outside in the late winter they will then sprout when the weather warms up in the spring. That's why they reseed themselves outside so easily.

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Would anyone have any extra seeds for Red or Yellow Coneflowers? They are just beautiful and I would love
to get some of these new colours!! Please e-mail me at: . Thank you.

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philmont_709n2(z6 Ohio)

any seed can be stratified, if its natural habitat has seasons. I have successfully stratified acorns, cone flowers, impatiens, and just about everything else, even cactus seeds.

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I agree w/ birdgardener, Winter sow them!

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