Crepe Myrtle Worries

wgafaw(z7NC)July 11, 2005

Last November I had a Crepe Mytle planted. It was about 10 ft tall. In February I did a little pruning, just removing branches that were touching other branches and getting rid of the suckers. I didn't use any fertilizer on it except mulch around the bottom. The tree is over 12 ft now and has lots of leaves so I think it is fairly healthy. There has been some jap beetle damage (about 10% of the leaves) and some of the leaves have some brown spots...and then there are some with bird doo doo on them. But besides that it is looking good except...It isn't blooming!!! Most of the Crepes around here are in full bloom except the ones that were really hacked this winter. Should I be worried? Is it just because it is fairly new? Should I fertilize it? Should I wait a year? (I would lose my guarantee if I did that, but I really love the shape of this tree).

Thanks in advance.

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blueheron(z6 PA)

You might want to post this on the shrub forum. There are some helpful folks over there that should have an answer for you.

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If the mulch is touching the tree, it'll hold moisture next to the bark, which will eventually loosen & weaken the bark & provide easy access for bugs & disease. Brush the mulch back a little, just so it isn't touching the bark.

Can you see a flare at the base of the trunk/trunks?
If the tree goes straight into the ground like a telephone pole, it's planted too deep.

Carefully brush away soil until you can see a flare.

If you uncover a bird's nest of roots near the surface, just cut them off.

Some plants don't bloom the first year after they're moved, & some of them may be just a little delayed that first year.
Crepe myrtles being as robust as they are, I'd probably just give it a little more time & keep an eye on it.

Best luck, & enjoy:
crepe myrtles are glorious!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Do you know what variety you purchased?

Follow Sylvia's suggestions, plus.......don't fertilize.

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Billl(z7 nc)

Not all crepes flower at the same time anyway. You'll see some start in late spring and others won't start until late july. Also, the first year is highly unpredictable with flowering. The larger the tree is, the more stress it is under when being moved. This can delay or even prevent blooming. As long as the rest of the plant looks healthy, don't worry about it for now. As long as you planted it properly (right side up, in some sun) it should do just fine.

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Ok then I will wait and try to be patient. If it doesn't bloom this summer maybe I can get my tree guy to give me an extra year extension on the guarantee.

Thanks again

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i have two crepe myrtle that look like the leaves are wilting
they were planted last august along with 14 others, the others
seem fine.i saw my neighbor sparying his driveway for weeds
so iam wondering if that spray might have drifted over?,and what i should do?

Thanks for any help,

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crepes will wilt if not watered propperly. are they getting adequate water and propper drainage?

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Crepe myrtles here are very drought tolerant, &, since the others are doing well, I would treat it as though it were chemical.

I'd drench the entire thing, trunk(s), branches, tops & bottoms of the leaves, flowers, & all, with compost tea, & drench the surrounding ground with plain water followed by compost tea, to wash away as much of the chemical as possible.

Even if the problem isn't chemical, compost tea drenches are good for any stressed plant.

Best luck, hope your crepe perks up.

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forgot to say:

The compost tea will act as a very gentle feed:
Do not add synthetic fertilizer!

Your crepe myrtle is stressed & dehydrated.

Dosing it with a stimulant will only stress it further.

kind of like drinking a pot of coffee or a big ole can of red bull or taking diet pills...while you're getting over the flu!

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I would like to transplant my 10'H crepe mytle and plant my newly purchased papaya tree in its location (on the north side of my home). What kind of root system do the
crepe mytles have and what is the best time of year to do this?

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