New Gardening Help Requested

RDOwens(7)April 12, 2012

I live in South Jersey. We have a house with a lawn and some flower beds outside. We have an area around the mailbox that is designed for flowers too.

We know nothing about gardening. My search for what to do has proved fruitless.

What I am looking for is what to do.

Around us it seems some folks have a constant rotation of flowers. Daffodils then tulips. There are these large yellow things that come up. And then tiger lilies (I think).

As you can see, I don't know the names of things. What I would like is to know what a normal rotation of flowers is for the area and how to go about planting them.

Do I plant all the bulbs at once and then just watch them sprout throughout the summer?

If there is a gardening for dummies area somewhere that I can pointed to, I would be most appreciative.


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You want to start with woody plants; your garden's backbone. Foundation planting, etc. Consider ultimate size when planting! Augment these with perennials, bulbs, maybe a vine on a trellis. Happy planting!

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