Milkweed cuttings

jimmymonto(5)June 7, 2013

Anyone have any luck getting milkweed to root from cuttings? I was forced into cutting down a HUGE patch of common milkweed at my rental property, and because of the tap roots, there is just no easy way to move them.
I have cut them all off, and have them in water for now...and they are very alive. I'm panicking that once I hormone dip them and try to root them that I'll lose them.

Any ideas?

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This may help, but remember the cuttings should be about 3-6 inches in length, and the top portions of the plant work best in MHO.

Propagating milkweeds from cuttings:

To start cuttings, cut the stems underwater, then dip in rooting hormone. The cuttings should be placed in sand, vermiculite, or potting soil that is kept continuously moist. Best cuttings are made from stems 1/3 inch diameter.

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Also, I have moved Asclepias tuberosa several times and have had no trouble with reestablishing the plants because of the taproot.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

If your cuttings don't root, all is not lost. I find starting common milkweed by seed is extremely easy and it grows very fast. By the second year, you should have another nice patch, by the third year, great huge plants once again.

I live in the city on a small lot and I grow my common milkweed in huge pots to keep it from spreading into unwanted places by underground nodes. It grows very well in these huge pots, too. I find it about the easiest of the perennial milkweed to grow by seed.


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