yuccas - when to cut stems down?

bobby1973July 14, 2006

I was just wondering when it's safe to cut yucca stems down once they've finished flowering? Can you do it immediately, or are they similar to bulbs in that you should wait 6-8 weeks before cutting the stems so that they can transfer energy back down to the roots?

thanks so much!


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I had one before but can't remember at what stage it was in. I think after it flowered.It has been awhile since I had one with a flower.
I have one, how long before a new one flowers?

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

It's primarily the leaves which are needed for energy conservation. The leaves of bulbs are left uncut as long as they are green, which may be a couple weeks or up to a couple months or longer. I have some lily bulbs which have green leaves from early spring to after frost, although they only bloom for a few weeks in the summer.

A general rule of thumb is to cut the blossom stems after the blooming is finished, usually when the stem turns yellowish. If you are saving seed, then the seedhead should be completely dried.

Blacky1 - Local to me, most yucca blooms annually, that is, once a year. However, there are several species, and I think I've read that some species bloom only on established new growth (2 year old plants?). I also understand that an excess of water can deter the blooming.

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